Martin P. Gallagher, M.D., D.C.

Medical Director, Medical Wellness Associates

Gallagher2Martin P. Gallagher, M.D., D.C., has the unique distinction of being a chiropractor as well as a medical doctor. During his distinguished career, he has treated over 300,000 patients using an integrative medicine approach to well being. He is the clinic director of Medical Wellness Associates, a multidisciplinary integrative health care facility located outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Dr. Gallagher is considered to be a leading authority in the field of Integrative Medicine. He lectures both nationally and internationally to medical professionals and the public on matters pertaining to optimal health. He has been featured in Alternative Medicine and Let’s Live magazines and has been a frequent guest of the Gary Null show. He has been interviewed and filmed by the Arts and Entertainment network for an upcoming documentary on Integrative Medicine.


Dr. Gallagher has been committed to community service throughout his medical career. He has been selected by the Hackett Hemwall Foundation of Madison, Wis. to provide treatment to people dealing with chronic pain and to train local physicians in prolotherapy and vein treatment. In addition, he participates in the Multidisciplinary Unsheltered Homeless Relief Outreach of Morgantown (MUSHROOM) project by making biweekly visits to Morgantown, West Virginia to assist the homeless with needed medical care.





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Honduras Prolotherapy

Dr. Gallagher traveled to Honduras to provide prolotherapy treatments to patients in Honduras who suffer from chronic pain.  You can read about Dr. Gallagher's rewarding experience in the following articles: